Dreary skies and cold temps got you down?

Start thinking about warm weather, sunshine and Vinton’s Boom-Fest celebration!

Applications are now available for the 9th Annual Boom-Fest celebration held in conjunction with the 12th Annual Boomtown fireworks show.

Vendor Registration Form

Boom-Fest is scheduled for Saturday, August 25, 2018 from 10am to 4pm in Vinton, Iowa.

We are once again looking for arts & crafts, farmers market, antique, repurposed treasures and food vendors to set up in the heart of our downtown district.

Register with payment by March 1 to receive $10 off your 1st booth space!

Have questions? Check out this Q&A sheet or email info@vintonia.org

We continue to make tweaks from your feedback from previous years to make this year even better. We are also working on new and fun activities for the kids…and maybe adults as well! A full schedule will be released later this spring. Be sure to check out the Vinton Unlimited website and Facebook page for updates!

Pack up your booth at the conclusion of the event and head out to the Benton County Fairgrounds for Boomtown, one of the largest fireworks displays in the Midwest, put on by the Iowa Pyrotechnic Association!

Boom-Fest Q&As

What is the difference between Boom-Fest and Boomtown?
Boom-Fest is the arts and crafts show that is held in downtown Vinton. Boomtown is the firework show at the Benton County Fairgrounds. The events are held on the same weekend.
Why are Boom-Fest and Boomtown separate events?
Boom-Fest is sponsored by Vinton Unlimited with the help of our local banks. Boomtown is sponsored by Veridian Credit Union. Because of the large scale of both events, Boom-Fest and Boomtown are organized by separate committees also.
Why isn’t Boom-Fest held at the Fairgrounds?
Boomtown is a very large event requiring a tremendous amount of space for parking, seating, food vendors, music and simple safety requirements. There just isn’t room at the fairgrounds for both events.
When can I sign up to be a vendor for next year’s Boom-Fest?
Boom-Fest is always held in conjunction with Boomtown. The Boomtown committee works closely with the Iowa Pyrotechnic Association to determine the date that works best for all.
Once that date is announced, Vinton Unlimited works quickly to get vendor applications available. If we follow a similar timeline as past years, vendor applications should be available January/February 2018.
Where are the vendors located and what is the layout?
Vendors are located in the middle of 4th Street. The streets are closed early on the morning of the event. In the week or two leading up to the event, each vendor is given a number which will correspond to their spot in the street. Vendor spots aren’t determined until one week
prior to the event and are greatly influenced by the number of vendors and other needs on the street (food vendors, entertainment, inflatables, etc.)
Are all types of vendors allowed?
Our focus is on arts & crafts, antique, re-purposed treasures and food vendors. A limited number of informational and direct sales vendors are also allowed. The Boom-Fest committee reviews all applications before accepting them into the show. We try our best to limit duplicate or similar vendors to help ensure a successful day for everyone but we have to rely on the descriptions the vendor’s provide on the application. Unfortunately, we sometimes have limited information but again, we try our best. No duplication of direct sale vendors is allowed.
Can I be a food vendor at Boom-Fest and Boomtown?
Unfortunately, no. Because of time constraints, road closures and gates opening, it isn’t feasible.
What does the vendor fee go towards?
The vendor fee helps cover marketing costs, porta potty rentals and other miscellaneous expenses for the day.
How do you determine the hours of Boom-Fest?
The event has always started at 10am and ended when the fairgrounds open for the fireworks show – either 3pm or 4pm, depending on the year. By closing at the same time the fairgrounds open, out of town guests can go right from one event to the other.