The ‘Train Wreck’ was a favorite again at Boomtown 10.

The 10th annual Boomtown filled Vinton, and particularly the Benton County Fairgrounds, with the lights and sounds of fireworks on Saturday, as thousands gathered for the annual display by the members of the Iowa Pyrotechnic Association.

After a display of individual home-made shells by IPA members, and several songs set to fireworks set up by the Junior Pyros, it was time for the grand finale. That part of the show included songs set to “Dream Weaver” and other favorites from several decades.

The “Train Wreck” also returned, a tribute “Head On” Joe Connolly who gained fame for staging explosive train crashes at venues such as the Iowa State Fair in the 1930s.

The audience cheered throughout the show and again at the end, when announcer Tom Pingenot invited them to return next year to Boomtown 11.

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