By Tamara Stark, Boomtown Committee

It seems that after our recent good news announcement regarding the ‘open shoot’ portion of our Boomtown celebration, sponsored by Veridian Credit Union, there are some questions and concerns regarding the closing of the road.

One of the questions being asked is:  will the entire road west of Marvin Lindsey Field (10th Ave. S) be closed?

The answer is yes.

From the start of 10th Ave at the curve on County Home Road all the way to the bridge past the Water Treatment Plant, the road will be closed to all of the public for safety and security reasons.

Will this take away parking in that area?

The answer is again, yes.  While we are fully aware that Marv Lindsey Field and the gravel road in front of it have, historically been host to many parked cars, that area must be clear of cars and pedestrians for the safety of everyone…spectators and IPA alike.

Is this an attempt to limit ‘free access’ to Boomtown?

No, it is absolutely not.  If you are not sitting in the grandstands watching Boomtown, then it is a free show.  Do we want you in the grandstands?  Of course we do.  Boomtown is more than just a show, it is an experience; and the absolute best place to fully experience Boomtown is in the grandstands.  We are keenly aware of the (literally 2500+) people that come to Vinton for Boomtown, but for various reasons, do not come into the fairgrounds.  It is for those people that the IPA works hard each year to secure a radio frequency.  So those that are not in the grandstands or at the fairgrounds can still hear the demonstrator introductions and the music to the “Big Show”.    Our goal for everyone that comes to town for this event is that they fully enjoy it, from wherever they watch.   We have a large section of lawn seating inside the fairgrounds that has remained free to everyone for all 11 years of the show.  This is a family friendly event, and with the lawn seating area, we’ve also kept this a budget friendly event.

Boomtown is a true ‘one of a kind’ event, and Vinton is so fortunate to be host to this event for 11 years now…the loss of the use near the Catholic Church is not the fault of anyone, it is merely a “growing pain” that the IPA and your Boomtown Committee thought hard about and worked with the City of Vinton to resolve.  The best possible solution is the one we are moving forward with by using 10th Ave. S.  We ask that everyone be supportive of this small change and make their necessary adjustments.  If you have previously parked at Marv Lindsey Field or on that road, please, arrive to town a little earlier and plan to park in another area.  We do apologize in advance for the inconvenience of having to change your routines, but we ask that you view this as a sign of progression of the show and you’ll be doing your part to help us all out.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns or would like to reserve your section of seating, please call 319-558-7476.