“Burnt Part Boys,” a unique musical set in coal-mining country, is the next ACT 1 show to open on the stage at the Tilford Auditorium.

Performance Dates are June 8, 10, 17, 18 @ 7:00 pm and June 11, 18 @ 2PM
Director: Steve Arnold
Synopsis: An unforgettable coming of age story, THE BURNT PART BOYS follows the adventures of a group of teenagers deep in West Virginia’s coal country in 1962. The musical is a life transforming odyssey.

Fourteen year-old Pete’s fighting to claim his past. His older brother Jake’s hoping to forge a future. With an eclectic band of friends teetering on the brink of adulthood, they’ve embarked on a life-altering journey to the coal mine that took their father’s life. With its soaring, elegiac bluegrass and pop-inspired score, this inspirational new musical finds both the streaks of light and  the heart of darkness within us all.

The Burnt Part Boys is a musical set in West Virginia coal country – a tour de force for five teenage singing actors. When the Pickaway Mining Company announces plans to reopen the coal mine known as The Burnt Part ten years after twelve miners died in an explosion and fire, a group of teenagers who lost their fathers in the disaster make an eight-mile trek up the mountainside to visit the site. For eighteen-year old coal miner Jake Twitchell, reopening the mine means a promotion for him and a better life for his family. But for his fourteen-year old brother Pete, reopening the mine means the desecration of their father’s grave. Jake is desperate to catch up with Pete before he reaches the mine, for Pete has stolen some dynamite and Jake knows he plans to use it to prevent the mine from reopening. This poignant and inspirational 90 minute show is filled with bittersweet drama, comedy, and it’s all knit together with a tuneful, lively Bluegrass score.

In keeping with the intimate scale of the show and to keep the audience in close proximity to the actors, we will seat the audience in the first four rows of Tilford Auditorium only with general admission seating.

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