Among Ed and Judy Schaeffer’s unique candy creations at Divine Decadents in Shellsburg are chocolate mice, and much more.

While in Shellsburg for a long appointment at Wells Fargo’s only Benton County bank office, we stepped across the street to the only cafe still open there.

We’d known about Divine Decadents and Ed and Judy Schaeffer’s small cafe for years, but were pleasantly surprised to find out that they have added more menu items and hours since the closing of Coop’s Roadhouse a few months ago left Shellsburg without any other cafe or restaurant.

A few months ago, Ed and Judy Schaeffer added burgers and air-fried French fries to their daily menu. The couple work together all day making and delivering a variety of candy items, while also manning the kitchen and waiting tables for their cafe customers.

While we waited for our burgers and fries, we talked to Ed and Judy about their businesses and the recent changes. Judy still has a special lunch menu for Thursdays, along with the regular menu. And don’t plan on lunch without leaving with, or at least looking at, some of their creative candy items.  From chocolate mice to BATs to holiday-themed creations, there is always something new to see, and try.

Ed and Judy Schaeffer have been in the candy business for a long time.

Famous for their homemade treats, including their palm sized B.A.T.s (Big A– Turtles) and many other flavors of homemade candies, they are sure to delight both the young and old with the creations.

Last December after the only restaurant in town closed, they have started to offer a lunch time menu.

The food is all homemade and prepared by the couple. They us an air fryer for their French Fries, something that Judy says the customers appreciate (we did!).

See their website, which includes their catering menu, HERE.

Stop in the next time you pass through Shellsburg at lunch time, grab a sandwich and don’t forget to get a bag of goodies to take home with you to enjoy later!