By Chattery Chinchilla members Brylee, Lizzie, Ashlie, Alyssa, and Annabelle

Hello, and thank you for reading this! We are on a mission to help the families at the Ronald McDonald House! To help them we would like to collect pop tops (the silver openers on top of pop cans). We are not encouraging you to drink a lot of pop, but if you already do we would like you and each student in your first hour class to bring in the pop tops and put them in your class bin! We have more information below to answer your questions or you can ask us personally!

We are going to have a competition to see which homeroom class can collect the most pop tops at the end of two weeks. We are introducing “Pop A Top” now (so you can start collecting them at home now), but the actual competition does not start until February 1st, and continues through February 15. The prize is chocolate chip cookies for the winning class!

Who does this help? The children and their families that are staying at the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

What do the pop tops do? The Ronald McDonald House takes them to a recycling center and they get money that is then used for families in need.  The money goes towards the kids’ treatments and their housing.

Where will these specific pop tops go? They will go to the Ronald McDonald House Charities by Unitypoint in Cedar Rapids- Saint Lukes.

Why: To help children and their parents housing and treatments.

When: 1st -15th of February 2017

If you do not now how to take off a pop top follow the instructions below, and bring them to VSMS or send them with your student.