Coralee Bodeker of Vinton, also a volunteer for the Buchanan County Conservation Board, won the Best in Show for the state of Iowa in the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Art Competition in grades 7-9.

Through the month of September, the Federal Duck Stamp Program winners stamps will be presented at Fontana Park in Hazelton.

Because Coralee won a Blue Ribbon at the State Fair last year for her drawing of a Barn Swallow, she was chosen this year to work as a 4-H fair artist in the Artist Next Door program with grad students from ISU’s College of Design.

Sketching the gardens at the Iowa State Fair as part of the Artist Next Door program.












Coralee also won the International Crane Foundation’s Poetry in the Prairie contest last month with her poem, “How can it be morning without their calls?”

June pictured with her winning entry

How can it be morning without their calls?
When the red sky reflects on the water
and the dawn breeze flicks the tips of grass—
When these historic birds float down from the mist
to land in the present and past.
Their value is more than their bugling calls
that echo across the sky—
It is more than their numbers when they
land in the fields and fly.
The dances they do and the colors they wear
are not their only traits—
That give us a sense of their immense worth,
even to a hunter who waits.
More than a heron in look and in size
their past is more rich than an eagle’s.
These birds are the past that still lives today
their presence is more than just regal.
A part of our legacy lives in these creatures,
that legacy is wilderness untamed—
They are important not only in look
but in many more values unnamed…
It cannot be morning without cranes.
Winner: Poet’s Choice, Grades 7-9

The International Crane Foundation is based out of Baraboo, WI.

June Bodeker,  Coralee’s younger sister, also won the 2017 Conservation Message competition with the saying, “We have to protect nature so that we can learn her stories.”