This 82-page FEMA report outlines options for flood mitigation of some of Vinton’s essential services.

The Vinton City Council may hear from opposing viewpoints on at least two issues tonight,  and also discuss the latest report on flood mitigation, and the expenses of such projects, from FEMA.

Residents along the newly-repaved East 3rd Street plan to share their views on the parking issue. Parking will only be allowed on one side of the street when the work is finished.  City leaders have already heard pleas from residents who live on the north side of the street as well as the south side to have parking on the side of the street where they live. Public safety officials have also weighed in, expressing their views on what is best for fire trucks and ambulances.

Also, the council will continue discussing a new property maintenance ordinance, which would require a specific set of standards of upkeep for all properties within city limits.  Council members have previously expressed a variety of viewoints on what role the city should have, and which rules it should enforce, and how.

The city has also received a final report from FEMA containing recommendations and possible ideas for flood mitigation for the fire station, light plant other essential services. The council will simply accept the report tonight and discuss it at future meetings. The federal agency has given the city several options, all of which would cost millions of dollars. Those options include a permanent floodwall, as well as moving the fire station and other facilities away from the river.