The Center for Decision Making at the University of Northern Iowa has received hundreds of communications surveys from Vinton. If you still haven’t completed your survey, it’s not too late. Click Vinton communications survey to take it online. It only takes a few minutes.

The survey is being conducted to gather data about the phone, internet, and cable services purchased by Vinton residents. That data will help finalize financial models for the system. Once the financial model is complete, the communications utility can begin discussions with finance specialists who assist with bond placement for large construction projects.

Offering services in 2019 depend on overcoming several challenges. The final design needs to be established, the project must be financed, and the amount financed must be low enough that the system can be paid for solely through the sale of internet, phone, and television services at competitive prices. Establishing those prices is a main emphasis of the survey.

The recently released 2018 survey of customer satisfaction with internet service providers shows that Vinton’s current providers, CenturyLink and Mediacom, struggle to deliver satisfying service to their customers. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI), both companies posted even lower customer satisfaction numbers in 2018 than in 2017. The ASCI report stated that “According to users, most aspects of ISPs are getting worse. Courtesy and helpfulness of staff have waned….in-store service is slower, bills are more difficult to understand, and customers aren’t happy with the variety of plans available.”

“Local municipal communications utilities generally offer outstanding customer service, and dominate their local market because of the service they provide,” says Curtis Dean, of Smart Source Consulting, a firm specializing in assisting municipally owned communications utilities. “There are a record number of communities in Iowa pursuing their own communications utilities because their citizens and businesses don’t have access to the broadband services needed today and because the response they get when something goes wrong, or they need new services, is often quite poor.”

Again, click Vinton communications survey to take it online. It only takes a few minutes.