Tamara Stark


So often, and almost everywhere you go, you’re reminded to “Buy or Shop Local”….Purchase your goods locally and support your neighborhood economy. Something related to this, but different, is the thought that not only should we make every effort to buy and shop locally, but we should also “use” local.

In cities, there is always a multitude of choices when it comes to finding services, competitive pricing and specials galore in order to attract customers. Often, there are so many choices that a person could use a different service provider each time and never develop a relationship with any of them. In towns with populations like Vinton’s and those that are smaller, it is almost critical to use your local services, plumbers, electricians, physicians, dentists, banks and Realtors. Your local service providers provide you with rates that are very competitive to that of the big cities and they know you, they know where you live because they live there too. Your local service providers are up to date with the latest technologies and trends and will go that extra mile to provide you, their neighbor, with the best services available anywhere.

Why use a local plumber or electrician? They are licensed, insured and bonded, the same as the ‘big shops’ in the big cities, BUT the local guy can get to you quickly, and provide you with not only the same professional service, but personal service. They can assist you with any need you have, from new construction to small repairs. No job is too big or too small when it’s in their hometown.

Why use a local physician or dentist? They have the same educations, licenses and requirements as the providers at the clinics popping up all over in cities, or the dental clinics that have catchy theme songs. They also have something more important, their address. They live in your neighborhoods; they go to the same stores and restaurants that you do. They know you, your history, your family and their history. They have a personal interest, we aren’t only their patients, we’re their neighbors.

Why use a local Realtor? They have the same licenses and requirements as the enormous offices in the city, they are connected to the Linn or Benton County Multiple Listing Systems, and most importantly, they know your town inside and out. They know it better than someone from anywhere else, because they live here too. They’re your neighbors buying the same local goods and using the same local providers. They know how to sell your house because it’s in their town.

Yes by all means, BUY LOCAL. Support your hometown businesses and economy by purchasing what you can here. (and there isn’t much that we don’t have!) But also, USE LOCAL. Use someone in town to help you with whatever it is you need, whenever the time comes that you need it. In a town the size of Vinton and those that are smaller, we really are neighbors helping neighbors. It’s what we all do here.