Weather permitting, the Dysart Gorge will be ready for a Sunday afternoon ribbon-cutting.

Creator Mary Behrens and others continued painting the black shadows and chalk lines that form the illusion of standing over a gorge on Wednesday.
Behren thanked the community members and businesses for their generous donations, including 500 gallons of paint. She and her crew are counting the number of hours the volunteers have been spending on the project. So, far, the area residents involved are as young as age 10 and as old as 87.

Behrens said she was suprised and thrilled by the quick approval from the Dysart City Council when she asked for approval for the project. A native of Milwaukee, Behrens said it probably would have taken the Milwaukee City Council several meetings to discuss and approve a similar project. She estimates that if a city were to hire a professional crew to create such an illusion it would cost into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Instead, donations and volunteer labor mean it will just take a few hundred dollars, donated by the Dysart Development Corp., to finish the Gorge.

The Dysart project will also eventually include a checkerboard-theme sidewalk due to be finished next month, and a 12-foot diameter koi pond illusion on the schedule for July or August. Behren’s husband, Roy, plans to teach a session on how to create a koi pond painting later this summer.

The ribbon cutting event is set for 4-6 p.m. this Sunday, May 27.

Behrens is keeping people updated via a blog. See those posts HERE.