The Nov.  6 general election will include county and statewide races as well as the Iowa House District 75 race.

Candidates include the following:

Local legislative race:

Iowa House District 75 (Vacated by retirement of Repubican Dawn Pettengill): Polly Denison (D), Thomas Gerhold (R) and John George (Libertarian).

County races:

Supervisor, District 1 (Incumbent Todd Wiley not seeking re-election). Tracy L Seeman (R) and Scott Hepker (D).

County Treasurer: Incumbent Kelly Geater (R) running unopposed.

County Attorney: Incumbent Dave Thompson (D) running unopposed.

County Recorder: Incumbent Lexa Speidel running unopposed; Democrat Cliff Potts is on the ballot but has announced he is withdrawing from the race due to moving out of the county.

Soil and Water Conservation Commissioner (vote for two): Jeremy Sills and Henry J. Wehrman.

Benton County Agricultural Extension Council (vote for up to five): Sharla Wrage, Dean R. Williams, John Holst, Allison Hicks, Brian McNulty, Susan Birker, Katie Sackett-Stadheim.

Court of Appeals Judge retention (Yes or No vote): Anuradha Vaitheswaran, Michael R. Mullins,, Mary Ellen Tabor.

District 6 Judge retention (Yes or No vote): Andrew Chappell, Paul Miller, Mitchell E. Turner, and Associate Judges Deborah Farmer Minot and Nicholas Scott.

Statewide offices:

Governor Kim Reynolds/Lt. Gov Adam Gregg (R); Fred Hubbell/Rita Hart (D); Jake Porter/Lynne Gentry (Libertarian); and Gary Siegwarth/Natalia Blaskovich (Clean Water Party of Iowa).

Secretary of State: Paul Pate (R), Deidre DeJear (D) and Jules Ofenbakh, Libertarian.

Auditor of State: Mary Mosiman (R), Rob Sand (D) and Fred Perryman, Libertarian.

Treasurer of State: Jeremy N. Davis (R), Michael Fitzgerald (D), and Timothy Hird (Libertarian).

Secretary of Agriculture: Mike Naig (R), Tim Gannon (D) and Rick Stewart (Libertarian).

Attorney General: Tom Miller (D) and Marco Battaglia (Libertarian)

Iowa Congressional District 1: Rod Blum (R), Abby Finkenauer (D) and Troy Hageman (Libertarian).

See sample ballots for every voting precinct in Benton County HERE.