The project “Electric Outlets for Fans in the Horse Barn” is one of 15 finalists in Grinnell Mutual’s Fairground Facelift initiative. With votes from Facebook fans, Benton County Fair could receive a grant of up to $3,000 to help bring this fairground improvement project to life.

“Electric Outlets for Fans in the Horse Barn” will add electric outlets in the horse barn for fans to keep horses and kids cool.

“It has been needed for many years. It’s hard to show when your horses are already hot and then showing them all day in a hot arena,” said Raegan Junge, who submitted the project. Reagan is well-known in her area for her Reagan’s Relief Efforts, helping the victims of tornadoes and other natural disasters. She is also active in 4-H and participates in horse events at the Fair.

How you can help the Benton County Fair

You can help Benton County Fair earn a Fairground Facelift grant for “Electric Outlets for Fans in the Horse Barn” by voting for a Fairground Facelift grant on Grinnell Mutual’s Facebook page.

“Fairground Facelift grants are another way Grinnell Mutual supports the towns where our customers live, work, and play,” said Barb Baker, director of advertising and community relations. “County fairgrounds celebrate family, friendship, and relationships — the stuff that matters. That’s why we want to be part of sustaining them for future generations.”

“Electric Outlets for Fans in the Horse Barn” was selected as a one of 15 finalists from nearly 130 project submissions received.

How to Vote

Visit Grinnell Mutual’s Facebook page or website to vote for this project. Click the ‘Vote’ button on the photo of the fairground project you want to vote for. People can vote once per day, per project.

The project receiving the highest number of votes will receive a $3,000 grant. The next four places in voting — second, third, fourth, and fifth — will each receive a $1,000 grant.

Voting ends Wednesday, Sept. 26, 11:59 a.m. CT.

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