The youngest Tilford elementary students are currently participating in one of their favorite weeks of school, and one that teaches them lessons that could one day safe a life: Fire Prevention Week.

For more years than anyone at the school or Vinton Fire Department can remember, the VFD has been partnering with VS schools to bring Kindergarten, first and second grade students a variety of lesssons about fire safety.

Chances are, you as an adult reading this still remember those lessons.

Make sure your smoke detectors are working, and check the batteries.

“Stop, drop, and roll.”

Call 9-1-1.

Don’t play with matches.

Smoke and heat go up, so if you have to escape a fire, “get low, and go.”

Know your family’s safe place to meet away from your house, after a fire.

Several students on Tuesday at Tilford ask another important question, one that fire departments all over are hoping to hear: “How can I become  a firefighter when I grow up?”

Many children also had the opportunity to try on a firefighter’s jacket, helmet or gloves, and to feel how heavy the air pack that firefighters carry is, and feel the air coming out of the mouthpiece.

The week continues with visits to the fire station for second-graders, as well as the favorite: Fire truck rides on Thursday in Vinton. At Shellsburg Elementary, the students will meet firefighters on Friday.

See photos of Tuesday’s lessons, with many pictures of firefighters and children learning and laughing together, HERE.

Thank You, ALL Benton County Fire Departments!