I’m sure most of you remember riding the fire trucks for fire prevention week.  This week our some in our fire department took off from work to visit the area school to talk to the kids about various aspects of fire prevention.

It’s always entertaining to hear how the kids think. After a presentation about how you should stop, drop and roll, with a suggestion from a student to jump in the pool instead, one little girl raised her hand and softly said, “You look just like my grandpa.” This of course brought a chuckle from the fireman in charge, but he thanked the little girl who just sat there smiling.

There was one demonstration that they did in every classroom, that had we ever needed a rescue from the fire department, I wish our kids would have seen.

Fireman Dave Boisen crawled through each classroom as if he couldn’t see the children, as the other fireman explained that if they are ever in a fire, the fireman might not be able to see you, so you needed to make noise. When the fireman finally “found” the children it was met with giggles. But a poignant reminder to have that talk with your kids as well. The idea behind showing the kids what a fireman looks like when he’s on the job is simple, educating them so that they won’t be afraid if they are in that situation. One little boy made the observation that the fireman’s air mask made him sound like Darth Vader, which again sent some of the kids as well as the adults chuckling, but to a little child, the sound itself would be scary.

Seeing our fireman, come down to the level of the kids and take the time to teach them, and to see the eyes of the children light up when their heroes walk in the door, well, it’s priceless!

Thank you Vinton Fire Department for this area of service, hopefully the kids will never need you, but if they do, I think you’ve just made the experience much less scary for them.

For pictures of today’s visits click here!