City crews clean the sidewalk near the Fischer law offices before barricading the area and re-opening the intersection to vehicle traffice Monday morning.

John and Robert Fischer and several helpers spent the weekend moving what they could from their fire-ravaged law offices, and prepared to set up temporary offices.
Robert will set up across the street from the courthouse, in the former Benton County DHS building. That building is just a few doors down, to the east from the Fischers’ office.

John says he will be setting up his temporary office at 216 W Fourth Street, just west of the Vinton Palace Theatre, in the Schminke building.

“We are open for business now,” says John. Customers can still reach the business at its land line number, 319-472-2353. Clients can reach John via cell phone at 319-361-0724. John says he would like to rebuild at the current site, and continue using the front facade, if possible. Fischers will be in the east side of the DHS building. While the two Fischers have been in the same building, they do have two separate practices. The Robert B. Fischer office will be located there.

Robert Fischer has moved his law office to 116 E. 4th Street in the former Department of Human Services building. He is open for business and taking appointments starting Tuesday, February 13. Clients can reach the office at 319-472-2353 or email

McClure re-opens

McClure Financial suffered very minimal damage due to the fire and re-open for business on Monday, February 12, says Laura McClure. Clients are urged to be cautious approaching and entering the building – ice and debris continue to be a problem on the sidewalks and will likely take a few more days to completely clear.  McClure Financial is very grateful to the City of Vinton and the Vinton Fire Department for their hard work making the area safe enough for staff and clients so quickly,” says Laura.

Goal Wednesday for Ron-Da-Voo re-opening

Next door to McClure, the crew of Ron-Da-Voo were cleaning smoke damage, and awaiting a visit from a health inspector. The goal for re-opening is Wednesday.

Across the street at Cutting Edge, Annie Evans was busy re-scheduling many appointments she had to cancel because the smoke interrupted the business. After a thorough cleaning, Evans said the business was ready to serve its clients.