Benton County Farm Bureau board president Matt Werner (l) presented Dan Roesler (r) with his $2,000 in Free Fuel prize!

Dan lives in rural Newhall and had enjoyed a day at the Iowa State Fair in August. He entered to win while visiting the Farm Bureau Park at the fair. With his Free Fuel prize, Dan will be able to fuel up at Casey’s.

Congratulations Dan; and thank you for signing up to be a Farm Bureau member in Benton County!

About the Benton County Farm Bureau – the mission of our organization is to create a vibrant future for agriculture, farm families, and their communities. We are over 1,700 families strong in Benton County, and 154,000 families strong in the state of Iowa. We are proud to support Iowa’s progress and pride that drives us to make our communities, and state, the best that it can be for all of us.