Habitat for Humanity’s Brush with Kindness project is underway and having great success!

Crews of volunteers and AmeriCorps workers have completed one project already and are nearing completion on two more locations.

The BWK project looked to Vinton to help clean up the community and promote neighbors helping neighbors. Thanks to HACAP, Farmers Savings Bank & Trust, Thrivent Financial and many other supporting businesses and organizations around the area, the supplies and equipment needed to make this project a success are available.

Now BWK is seeking the volunteers, ages 16+, for a Blitz Week, June 16th-23rd. If you like to scrape and paint, your help will be appreciated!! We have 3 houses that need scraped June 16-17 to get ready for painting the week of June 19.

The painters will begin their day on Monday, June 19, at 8 a.m. at Hummel Park. After a brief ceremony, they will head toward the project sites.

Church groups, neighbors or anyone just looking for something to do is invited to contact Mike Timmerman @ 319-640-6433 or Robert Parker @ 515-240-5810.

Every hand makes a difference and it gives us another reason to love the town we live in.