It’s the time of the year when we remind you that we really need your help to keep Vinton Today as a free community resource to everyone. I know asking for money and saying it’s “free” in the same sentence is kind of weird.

This time of the year makes us appreciate the people that were with us from the very beginning and some that were with us from before there was an actual “first day online”. They pledged money to help us get going, and for me that’s pretty gutsy to gamble on something that had never existed before.

But they did.

I think most of them are still with us 7 years later, thanks so much guys and gals!

We have been so blessed with the most kind, generous and supportive advertisers in the world.

Each month they faithfully keep the power running to our computers, they help to buy the batteries and memory cards for Dean’s camera, they even help to put tires on his car, just so that you the readers can have Vinton Today.

Every year, one time a year, we ask you the readers, to take a minute to send in a gift to help defray the cost of the website itself.

We have the domain names, hosting fees and repairs that add up.

Because we are now on WordPress, we have become a larger target to hackers. This year we added a security measure to the website to help with that, but like everything else, it cost.

We’ve had to call our tech guy and say, “Help! Something broke!” and he or she, whichever the case may be have jumped in quickly to get us back up and running. But unlike before, with a maintenance man on Monkeytown’s payroll, we now have to call people who fix websites for a living. Those silly people think that we should pay a bill after they’ve put hours into fixing something in cyberspace that gets up back up and running. Seriously, they are a couple of great folks to work with. But like us, they are trying to make ends meet.

So to sum it up, our expenses are much greater now than they had been in the past.

We really do need your help.

We’d love to have all of our readers send in something, it doesn’t have to be much, but if you’d do what you can, we can keep doing what we can to make you proud.

To make a donation, you can simply click the link here or drop off your gift at Monkeytown, located west of the courthouse.

With each gift, we say thank you very much!