It takes a community to make a big project happen, and in Belle Plaine, Kristine Pope is seeing a community come together to rally to preserve the historic Herring Hotel.

Since stories by Vinton Today and regional TV stations, there has been an outpouring of support for the project, says Pope.

“The stories regarding our 1-month deadline have had a very positive outcome and my inbox and phone have been very actively receiving messages,” Pope says. “We have had two contractors in last week to take look at our building, both working on submitting bids by this week’s end. And we have more scheduled meetings for this week. From construction companies, interest groups, retired contractors, etc…we have been hearing from all genres of professionals offering assistance.
Pope is thankful to all who have become involved.
“Their willingness to help has been positively overwhelming,” she says. “I can not begin to share with you the excitement that brings to our project. And the Iowa Lincoln Highway Association stands at the top of that list. They have been here helping us with all they can. I think that speaks measures regarding the importance of the Herring Hotel and our project to keep this building standing in our community.”
Those involved in preserving the Herring hosted a successful tea event last weekend, and have launched a new website,
“We keep moving forward with the necessary plans for our future, and we keep doing it with our chins held high,” Pope says. “If the added attention has put anything besides more work on our plate, it has also brought us more determination. We have a great group of supporters working on this project, and together we welcome the hard work. We all feel it is worth what it takes to bring life back to the ‘Swellest Little Hotel In Iowa.’ This is Belle Plaine’s historic Herring Hotel, therefore the people do have a say. It takes a community to make this happen, and if this last week offers any proof to the life that remains at the Herring, then another 120 years can truly become a reality.”