10When the Vinton-Shellsburg High School “Top 10” King and Queen candidates lined up , there were three more guys standing behind the row of Queen candidates. That’s because due to a tie among the senior guys, there are a total of 13 of them in the “Top Ten” list of Homecoming King candidates. Those 13 are Nathan Struve, Tanner Davis, Cole Smith, Barett Shaw, Wes Edwards, Mike Delong, Scottie Wirth, David Bray, Conner Bendull, Will Edwards, Tyler Bartz, Drew Wiley and David Steele (absent). The Top 10 Queen candidates pictured here include: Hanna Roster, Faith Pladsen, Haley Dinderman, Alyssa Root, Jamie Thompson, Halie Engler, Cassie Kenney, Brittany Grendler, Emily Blake and Hannah Haisman.
Also on Monday, students dressed up as their favorite movie characters. After school, seniors continued the window decorating tradition, painting or hanging banners at several businesses.
See photos of Monday’s events and costumes HERE.