Todd Frank rehearses a song with a harmonica player before the Idiot Jam Saturday in Garrison.

The Annual Idiot Jam filled Farmers Mercantile Hall in Garrison, where more than 70 music players and music lovers gathered for to hear acoustical music and singing.

The event started about 14 years ago when Vinton guitarist Todd Frank invited some musicians he had met via internet forums to gather for a jam session in Vinton. Todd was using the title “Village Idiot” as his Internet handle, and that led to the naming of the event.

Musicians from several states routinely gather for the event. The past few have taken place in Garrison, where donations by audience members go toward the library.

The musicians and singers performed a variety of well-known folk or country favorites, as well as some songs they had written themselves. They offered tributes to former jam participants who have passed away, and welcomed a couple of first-time performers.

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