By Tami Stark, Vinton City Council Member

Recently, the Iowa State Legislature passed a bill that makes the sale and consumption of fireworks legal, with the exception of individual town’s “home rule” policies.

Currently, it is STILL ILLEGAL to privately consume/use fireworks within Vinton’s city limits. While it is your City Council’s intention to allow the consumption/use of fireworks within the City limits in the future, our current ordinance prohibits it. In order for the Council to change the existing ordinance, we must amend it, and that takes a total of 3 readings of the NEW ordinance. This means that it will be at least 6 weeks before it can be changed. Please note, this timeframe puts us well past the times that the State has adopted as acceptable dates/hours that fireworks can be displayed. We will however, have the current ordinance changed in time for the New Year Holiday.

It is Council’s intention to allow the consumption/use of fireworks in Vinton according to the State regulations. Fireworks will, however; still be prohibited from ALL public places, including school grounds and City owned properties. This includes all city streets. They will only be permissible on private property within the dates and hours that the state has set forth.

In summary, for the 2017 4th of July season in Vinton, fireworks are NOT PERMITTED within the City limits. If you have any questions, please contact City Hall or your local Council Representative.