Last month, we quietly rolled past our 7th anniversary as Vinton Today.

It’s been a pretty amazing ride, and is it awful to say even I wasn’t so sure how this was going to work?

But after a mere 23,373,407 pageviews, I’m pretty sure this was an amazing idea!

No doubt, our success has a little, no a lot, to do with Dean’s inability to sit still. Most days he jumps in the car, then heads to town with his camera, whether he has a story to write or not. Just to see what’s happening. And usually he finds something.

Last year we stepped the coverage up and we’ve been able to make a few inroads into other communities in our county which has been great. We’ve met new friends and contacts throughout the county.

Our goal has been to use Vinton Today as a vehicle to help the county become a little closer, so that we can put all of Benton County on the map like we have for Vinton.

Last year we bit the bullet and came to you asking for your support for a new website that has the latest bells and whistles and more current computer language, and you all came through and helped us get that done. After it was all said and done, we had a little set aside for repairs which we wiped out in less time than we thought. This year for the first time we are starting this fundraiser out in the hole.

We’ve wrangled the old site to a couple servers over the last year finally settling on a site that is much cheaper to maintain.

Every year I always think the expenses will finally get down to nothing, and so far, every year, I’ve been wrong, but hey, a girl can dream right?

So it’s spring time and time to ask you our readers to pitch in and help us again to cover the expenses for the upcoming year so that we can keep providing free news coverage to the community.

There are so many of you out there, and every year we think, “If everyone just made a small donation, we wouldn’t have to ask.” And like me, you might forget!

So before you forget…click HERE!

And like we do every year, we say a great big, heartfelt “Thank You for your kind generosity to help keep this FREE to our readers!”