Today while touring the town, or should I say I felt like I was “stalking” the town,  to see if there might be something newsworthy to write about (hey, that’s how it works) I found nothing.

Everyone was safe and sound.

No one being cuffed and stuffed.

Sirens were silent.

Ambulances weren’t rushing to or from and accident scene.

The fire trucks were all safely tucked in, so I headed home.

I’m leery of driving anywhere in the open country. I’ve hit way too many deer and even been broadsided by a deer. So, I’m not a Bambi fan.  Now I DO love deer sticks!

I arrive home safe and sound to hear gunshots.

Now, if I lived in town, I’d be worried. But out here, it’s a welcome sound.

It means one less deer will jump in front of my car or into the side of my car.

I still can’t figure out why we think it’s a good idea to have deer running loose.

So I’ve reached the end of my rant, and here’s to hoping all of the guys in these pictures take home their limit tonight!