Submitted by iVinton Committee

Please complete the communications market research survey. It’s quick, and we need your help.

A market research survey to determine which communications services citizens purchase and how much those services cost is available online and in your mailbox. The survey has questions related to telephone, television, and internet services. The survey responses will help establish the potential subscription sales for a communications utility; an essential element required for completing a financial analysis.

The survey is a joint project of the city of Vinton, Vinton Municipal Electric Utility, and the citizen’s group, iVinton. The survey includes a postage-paid reply envelope addressed to the University of Northern Iowa, and all responses whether online or by mail, are collected and analyzed by the Institute for Decision Making at UNI.

Recent progress researching options to establish more reliable and faster communications services for Vinton include an analysis of submissions by 13 companies interested in working with a Vinton communications utility. Interested firms range from those who would offer to operate the entire utility, to firms those able to provide specific capabilities.

There are 24 Iowa communities with municipal communications utilities. The largest is Cedar Falls with a population of almost 40,000. The smallest is Primgar with a population of approximately 900. Communities currently working toward building their local communications utility includes Vinton, Charles City, New Hampton, and Decorah.

Note: The survey inadvertently includes outdated information describing iVinton as a political action committee.