Morris “Butch” Tilson

William Keller joins Jeff, Drake and Devon Tilson in dedicating the newest trap house to Butch Tilson.

When, during the final years of his life, Morris “Butch” Tilson watched the Red Cedar Shooters trap team grow, he realized there was a big need.

As the team numbers swelled to 40 or more, it became clear to Butch that it was time to add a second trap house to the Izaak Walton League’s Red Cedar Chapter. This would allow twice as many participants to compete in the same amount of time. And the more the team grew, the more that need increased.

In addition to his interest in hunting and shooting sports, Butch had a family reason to get involved: His son, Jeff, was the second coach of the Red Cedar Shooters, and his grandsons Drake and Devon also participated in the sport. While Tilson was coach, the team garnered several consecutive Top 10 finishes in State Meets.

So Butch, who died of cancer in May of 2013, left in his estate enough funds to add a second trap house to the facility. The money he set aside was enough to build and paint the trap house, as well as the concrete for the shooting area and the screened-in area for shooters and their shotguns added to the storage shed in the trap shoot area.

The trap house has been in use for the past couple of years, as the Red Cedar Shooters team has continued to grow, and even added a middle school team.

On Saturday, during the first annual Boom Shoot, Butch Tilson’s family gathered to join the Izaak Walton members in formally dedicating the trap house to Butch. A small plaque honors him now; a larger sign will soon replace it. Ikes member Bill Keller shared the history of Butch’s love of the sport, and his support of the local team.

About Boom Shoot

The Ikes, as the Red Cedar Chapter members call themselves, will begin hosting a Boom Shoot trap shooting event every Saturday during the Vinton Boomtown event. The contest is for all members of Izaak Walton chapters throughout Iowa.