I’m never really sure which display I love the most, this is right up at the top for me!

When you have all the kids piled into the car, secured in their car seats, but you have time to kill, about a half an hours worth, and you DON’T want to do something that requires a half hour of unbuckling and rebuckling car seats, this is what you can do!

Visit the Kersten Light Display!

I found myself in that predicament the other night.  We had to have the kids at a class, but it was too early to drop them off, but there wasn’t enough time to make stopping somewhere else and unloading the car worth the effort.

There was one place we could go, not far from town and it’s sure to please anyone at any age…the Kersten light display.

I never dreamed as a little girl that one day I’d take a car full of granddaughters to the very place I found intriguing as a child.  I have to admit, it’s one of those familiar, nostalgic places.

Thanks again to Heidi for her efforts this year!

Click to view pictures of the light display!