As the sky faded to black above them, the members of the La Porte City community joined friends and family of Jake Wilson in lighting candles in honor of Jake, who went missing a month ago.

The gathering took place at Wolf Creek Landing, not far from where Jake told his mother he was taking a walk on the evening of April 7. He has not been seen since.

Anthony and Dani Gasco helped organize the vigil, and were among the last to speak.

“Life is a gift,”‘ said Dani. “We are showing support for a missing piece of life.”

Anthony Gasco urged the audience to “plaster Jake’s photo every where” — in La Porte City, on social media, and all across the nation.

“Let’s bring him home,” he concluded.

Later, Anthony said he hoped the community will simply keep doing what  it’s been doing for the past month: Looking for Jake, sharing his photo and story as much as possible, and praying that he is found.

After the vigil, many people gathered in small groups to pray and support each other.

About the search

Among the speakers was LPC Police Chief Chris Brecher, who discussed the efforts to find Jake in Wolf Creek as well as the Cedar River.

Later, Chief Brecher explained more about the search, and fund-raising efforts to help the LPC Fire Association with the costs the department  has incurred.

“Once the waters get back to their normal conditions we would like to get an excavator back into the water to completely clear all areas of trees that are fallen into the water,” says Chief Brecher. “We used this equipment last week in a few major spots of concern. The operator has donated a great portion of his time and expenses to operate this machinery already. What we are asking for is donations from the public to specifically fund this project which we hope will be the final major water operation.”

The plan is to have this equipment in the water and along the banks pulling trees out of approximately 18 to 20 areas of concern in the water.

“The abundant amount of trees that are in the water create many areas for objects to get hung up and buried. At many of these spots, current created large holes underneath of the fallen trees, creating deep holes that are consistently collecting the sand and silt that shifts around in Wolf Creek,” explains the chief. “The equipment will eliminate this problem and hopefully allow us to know if Jake is stuck under one of these areas or if he is not.”

Checks can be made out to the La Porte City Fire Association and mailed to the City of La Porte City, 202 Main Street, 50651 C/O La Porte City Fire Association. It is important that in the memo portion of the check, that the issuer specifies “Jake Wilson / Excavation Operation”. This will ensure that the funding is directed to the operation costs in this search.

“If anyone has questions about the specifics of this operation, they can call the La Porte City Police Department as ask for myself, Chief Brecher. I would gladly answer any questions that donors would have,” says the chief.

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