Aaron Maue and his family rely on volunteers to help set up the 80,000 or so lights that fill their neighborhood north of Center Point with colors and music each Christmas.

That help comes in the form of teenagers, young people who go to school or church with the Maue children, Abby, Faith, Sydney and Gabe. This year, it’s the Saint Mary’s Cluster’s turn. Youth from the Catholic churches in Vinton, Urbana and Walker gathered at the Maue residence, where they spent a few hours unpacking the lights from plastic tubs, straightening them in lines on the grass, and then stringing them in the evergreen trees that line the Maues’ yard.

The show features several songs set to music, with choreographed lights, along with images that fill two tree-shaped frames. The show includes a variety of Christmas music, from fun songs to hymns, and also includes a tribute each year to veterans.

All donations go toward a community project; last year, the family chose to donate all proceeds to the Center Point-Urbana Music Fund. The lights go on for the first time this season on Nov. 26, the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

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