Editor’s Note:

We invited the two men who announced write-in campaigns for the 3rd Ward Vinton City Council seat to share information about themselves and their thoughts on city issues, in their own words. Here is the candidate profile for Dakota Rundlett. Dakota chose to answer a few of the questions we posed to the candidates at the forum. 

My name is Dakota Rundlett and I am running as a write in candidate for City Council 3rd ward. I have been employed by the Benton County Sheriffs Office for six years, I’m a 2016 graduate of the World Wide College of Auctioneering in Mason City Iowa and have ran Rundlett Auction Service since then.

What are your views on I Vinton and the fiber/telecommunications initiative?
Fiber optics seem to be the way of the future, if we can bring it to Vinton without it being too costly I’m for it.
Housing has been an agenda item at several Council meetings. How would you support housing initiatives and building our tax base?
I would prefer to see businesses come to Vinton and build our tax base that way then have to rely on city’s home owners.
What are your views on the ballot item of the hotel /motel tax?
I’m not a supporter of the hotel tax, I would be concerned that taxing the one hotel in Vinton could cause them to lose business, and cause their patrons to go to other cities where more services are available, in the end causing the City of Vinton to lose revenue in other areas.
What do you believe are Vinton’s top 2 challenges going into 2018? How will you address these challenges?
The top two challenges Vinton faces in the next year are the acquisition of the Braille School Property and the updates that have to be done to the waste water treatment plant. The City of Vinton cannot acquire the Braille School without a clear and well thought out plan. I do not want it to become a burden to my fellow taxpayers. The waste water treatment plant will have to be looked at to see exactly how many updates have to be done to bring it into compliance with the state.
How will you support the ongoing dialogue with the Board of Regents about the Braille School property?
I do not want the Braille School property to become a burden to my fellow tax payers. As I’ve stated before, if it is too costly for the State of Iowa to maintain, it will be too costly for the City of Vinton to maintain.