Editor’s Note:

We invited the two men who announced write-in campaigns for the 3rd Ward Vinton City Council seat to share information about themselves and their thoughts on city issues, in their own words. Here is the candidate profile for Nate Edwards. Nate chose to answer a few of the questions we posed to the candidates at the forum. 

Introduce yourself, the position you are running for, and your background.
My name is Nate Edwards, running to be the 3rd Ward Councilman Write-In. I was born and raised right here in Vinton. I graduated from Vinton-Shellsburg High School in 2006. After high school, I pursued a degree in Industrial Technology Education at the University of Northern Iowa. I graduated with a BA in Industrial Technology Teaching from UNI in 2010. I started working as a teacher at West Marshall High School in the fall of 2011. While teaching, I also was the assistant wrestling and baseball coach for West Marshall. In the spring of 2014, my wife, Leah, and I decided to move back to Vinton where I could join my dad working in the family business of Edwards Plumbing and Heating. I obtained my Master’s License in Plumbing, HVAC, and Hydronics to carry on the family tradition of Edwards Plumbing and Heating for the 4th generation. In December of 2014, my wife and I welcomed our first son, Dale, who we look forward to raising here and attending the school district of Vinton-Shellsburg.
What are your views on I Vinton and the fiber/telecommunications initiative?
I think the potential for this program can be very helpful, saving the residents in town money on their internet bills. Currently, I feel that Vinton is limited in their options for internet providers. I think I Vinton would give us a more quality internet at a more affordable rate for the businesses and residents alike.
In your opinion, what makes Vinton unique? I feel that Vinton is unique in the fact that we are a self-substained community, that is welcoming to all. Vinton is the perfect location, in that it has everything that you would need on a daily basis right here in town. Vinton is also unique because of the potential opportunities to grow, such as new businesses, potential for new housing, and more. Vinton has great, honest people who have a genuine drive to make it a thriving community.
Housing has been an agenda item at several Council meetings. How would you support housing initiatives and building our tax base? I would support the housing initiatives by collaborating with the council in finding increased options for more housing developments and apartments, considering all levels of income.