Tate Druschel gives mom Nicole a kiss in the photo booth during the Mother-Son Nerf War event Saturday.

Jill Johnson and other moms take on a group of boys in Nerf Wars.

Face it, boys: When it comes to Nerf guns, Mom rules.

That was the general result on Saturday at the VPRD Mother-Son Nerf Wars. In most of the contests, the moms captured more flags while evading foam projectiles than their sons did.

The event at the Vinton Skate Center, led by VPRD’s Brad Barker, Matt Boggess and Allan Merchant, included several rounds of moms vs. boys battles, as well as a variety of target practice events. There was ice cream, as well. The participants also had the chance to decorate bandannas and paint their faces with eye black.

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See a short video of one battle below: