Family members pin the badges on the new Vinton Police Department reserve officers.

JR Schemmel, Cory Nesbitt, and Payton Bartling are sworn in as Reserve Officers with the Vinton Police Department.

On June 18, 2017, the Vinton Police Department held a swearing-in ceremony for three newly certified reserve police officers. JR Schemmel, Cory Nesbitt, and Payton Bartling were hired and began their training for the volunteer positions in the fall of 2016. They recently became certified as reserve peace officers by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA). Approximately 30 family members, friends andarea law enforcement personnel attended the ceremony to watch as family members pinned the new reserve officers’ badges onto their uniforms before they took the Oath of Office.
The Iowa Law Enforcement Academy requires a minimum of 80 hours of formal training and 40 hours of evaluated time on patrol in order to be considered for certification. The Vinton Police Department exceeds the Academy’s minimum training requirements by more than double. The new reserve officers completed approximately 30 additional hours of formal basic training, approximately 50 hours of weapons training, ongoing monthly training sessions, and have just begun a minimum 120 hour field training program where they will continue to be evaluated by regular police officers while on patrol.
The new reserve officers hit the street this past weekend for the first time in uniform during Party in the Park and CountryFest providing more than 62 man-hours of additional coverage and visibility for no additional expense to the City of Vinton. Reserve officers patrolled on foot, in squad cars, and on bicycles assisting regular officers with their duties.
The Vinton Police Department currently has seven reserve police officers who donate a minimum of
eight hours per month to the City of Vinton. They receive $1.00 per year as mandated by State law but have full powers of arrest and allowed to perform most duties of a regular peace officer once they are fully trained.
Information pamphlets are available at the Vinton Police Department for anyone interested in becoming  reserve police officers.