By Tressa Walton
For the past several years the North Eden Willing Workers 4-H Club has taken care of the garbage at the Benton County Fair.  After the first year, several of the members noticed how many water bottles were being thrown away.  They decided they wanted to do something different for the next year.
They were able to order five recycling containers with the help of a grant.  It was at the time they went to set them up that they discovered the fair was switching from beer cups to cans. So the first year most of the recycling was used for the cans around the beer tent and grandstand.  This year, however, the 4-Her’s added five more recycling containers to their fleet and were able to collect about 10 big garbage bags full of water bottles, Gatorade bottles and the plastic milk bottles.  They are hoping to add more for next year as they take the Benton County Fair to a more environment friendly level.
Pictured are several members with a few of the new containers who helped pick up garbage and help with the recycling.
The North Eden Willing Workers would like to thank everyone who placed their cans and bottles in the designated containers throughout the fair and their help to make the world and our community a better place to live.