Witnesses say three men riding in the cab of this garbage truck went to the hospital by ambulance Tuesday morning. One of the three has died.

The driver of a garbage truck was killed and his two others injured in a Tuesday morning accident involving the garbage truck and a semi on Highway 150, at the intersection of 24th Avenue Drive, four miles north of Vinton.

Heavy fog affected visibility; the garbage truck apparently turned left in front of the semi, which was hauling hay grinding equipment.

The Iowa State Patrol, the Benton County Sheriff’s Office as well as local ambulance services responded.

The intersection will be closed much of the morning, as the ISP continues its investigation and a local HAZMAT team removes diesel fuel.

Victims have been identified. The driver of the garbage truck, Dennis Umbdenstock, 65, of Urbana, was killed. Injured were Jonathan Poorman, 22, and Wesley Venenga, 17. Authorities have determined that the garbage truck entered the highway in dense fog, after stopping on the gravel road, and pulled into the path of the semi.