People who attend the Iowa State Fair, as well as anyone interested enough to vote on-line, can vote on one of three options for the next license plate for Iowa.

One design is based on the Iowa flag, with the same colors, an outline of the eagle in the state banner, and the date of Iowa’s admission to the Union (1846).

Another design is similar to the current one, with different colors, and silhouettes of city and rural scenes.

The third is called “The Great Wide Open,” and has a lower silhouette of a pasture scene.

The three designs are the finalists to replace the current model, which has been in use for 20 years.

Voting continues until Aug. 20, the last day of the Iowa State Fair.

Click HERE to see the three options side-by-side, and vote.

A social media movement to ask the state to choose a fourth design failed, after the Iowa DOT announced that it does not meet the parameters, which include ease-of-reading.

A man named John Bosley submitted a design he called “Layers of Iowa,” and many people on Twitter expressed support. The DOT, however, announced that it does not meet the proper guidelines.

See Bosley’s suggestion, as well as the current one, below: