Mayor John Watson presided over the wedding of Q (Kendalyn Appleby) and U (Luke Wilden).

Quickly and quietly, a quartet of Tilford Elementary 1st Grade classes celebrated the unique union of the letters Q and U on Friday, with the traditional QU Wedding.

Tilford Principal Jim Murray presided over one service, in which the students of Mrs. Mathis and Mrs. McLaughlin participated. In a separate ceremony in the lunch room, Vinton Mayor John Watson presided over a similar celebration for the students of Mrs. Neblung and Mrs. Vasquez.

Each class had cupcakes; Susan Meyer also made a special “QU” cake for Mrs. Mathis’ and Mrs. McLaughlin’s students. The students, joined by teachers and some parents, also enjoyed many wedding dance favorites, including “YMCA,” “The Chicken Dance,” “Macarena,” and “Splish, Splash.”

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