Quotes for Good is an opportunity to give back to others in our local community by working through the local State Farm office. With feedback from people surveyed on Facebook the Frye family was chosen for the months of December and January. For those of you that don’t know the Frye family, they are parents Wendi and Duane who have a daughter Lainey Robertson that has had multiple medical procedures in 2018 with more scheduled in 2019. Due to complications Lainey spent over 4 months in hospitals in Iowa and Michigan. Wendi was unable to work during the time caring for Lainey in the hospital. As one can imagine the bills begin to pile up. It is our goal at John Leonard State Farm to help the Frye family with their expenses by allowing the community to get involved in our Quotes for Good campaign.

How does the community participate in Quotes for Good? For every new household quote that our office provides in the months of December and January John Leonard State Farm will donate $10.00 for each to the Frye family. It’s very easy, you can simply stop by our office, call or participate online through our website: www.johnjleonard.com. If a member of the community cannot give monetarily, we can do that on their behalf by simply providing a FREE, no obligation quote on any of their insurance business.

It’s so easy to participate, why not get a FREE second opinion on your insurance all while benefitting the Frye family that needs a community to help? There is no cap on the amount that will be donated to the Frye family. It’s really up to the community. The more participation the larger the donation to the Frye’s.

As a benefit to the Frye’s please consider contacting John Leonard State Farm to participate and feel free to share with your friends and neighbors.

–submitted by John Leonard, Vinton State Farm office

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