Raegan Junge visits her new friend, Lorelei, a Marshalltown child who suffers from sensory disorders. Raegan’s visit helped calm the girl after the tornado disrupted her family’s life and give her something to be happy about, says her mom. Raegan does all she does for the smiles, says her mom Crystal. And she received a big one from Lorelei.

Raegan Junge has helped countless people throughout the years, taking Raegan’s Relief Efforts throughout Iowa and to several other states to help people recover from tornadoes and other disasters. Her little office in rural Benton County is filled with thank you notes and awards from all over the country.

But one of the people she is likely to remember the longest is a young girl she met yesterday, in Marshalltown.

Raegan and her family had spent the day there passing out nearly $500 worth of water, juice and games for children.

While traveling around, Raegan received a Facebook message about a girl with unique needs caused by the storm.

A young girl named Lorelei lived in a house that was spared major damage, but the tornado destroyed her trampoline and also caused a power outage that forced the family to use a generator. The noise of the generator was an irritation to Lorelei, who suffers from a sensory disorder.

The noise of the generator, the loss of her trampoline, and not being able to go to her own room for a few days was causing the girl anxiety and irritation, says her mother, Dee.

Then, Raegan showed up.

“Raegan is a very amazing little girl,” says Dee, adding that her daughter definitely shares that opinion.

“She just thinks Raegan is amazing and awesome and she wants to make green slime with Raegan,” says Dee.

While the donations of items helped, it was Raegan’s friendship and emotional support that made the biggest difference, says Dee.

“I was just amazed,” she said. “I didn’t expect anyone like Raegan to come. Raegan helped calm her down and gave her something to be excited about.”

Dee says the storm damaged many of the houses in her neighborhood, which she described as one of the poorer areas of Marshalltown.

The storm says Dee, took out the back part of her family’s property, including the trampoline. A block or so away, houses are completely destroyed. A friend who lives nearby totally lost the roof to their house, and they also lost everything inside.

Raegan, after visiting the family on Sunday, referred to Lorelei as her new friend.

“I was sent a message on Facebook asking if I could help her. I went to Walmart and got her everything she needs and a lot of other things to keep her busy and not so stressed. She was so excited and didn’t want us to leave. I hope to see her again someday,” said Raegan.

Raegan is currently continuing to help raise money for Lorelei and her family. Along with hoping to help Lorelei replace her trampoline and help her with school supplies (listed below), Reagan hopes to get some specific items that help Lorelei with her sensory issues. Those include kinetic sand, Play-Doh and of course, that green slime.

Benton County residents who would like to help can send money or donations to Raegan to pass on to Lorelei. Contact Raegan via her Facebook page HERE.

Fareway is also setting up a box where Vinton shoppers can leave items for Raegan to pass along.

The school supply list includes:

24 plain no. 12 pencils

twistable color pencils


glue sticks


plastic pocket folder

stury accordion style file folder with 5-7 pockets

single subject notebooks

pencil bags

plain printer paper

wide ruled looseleaf paper

head phones/ear buds

Post-it notes