A Keystone girl who has earned much attention for her efforts to help people after natural disasters has now focused her efforts on Vinton.

Raegan Junge, the daughter of Jerry and Crystal Junge, has been involved in helping collect and send items to disaster victims all over the U.S. for many years. She has been featured in many media stories as she helped people from distant locations who had survived natural disasters.

But on June 17, without warning, Raegan – who calls herself Rae-Rae – was among those camping just a few hundred yards north of the tornado that suddenly ripped through Vinton.

“This happened around 4:30 a.m., a block from where my family and my 4-H friends were camping at our local Benton County Fair. where we show horses and livestock. The weather radio went off in our camper but it was too late to take shelter. The only shelter on the fairgrounds is a bathroom on the other side from the campers. We had no idea storms were coming,” she wrote on the Raegan’s Tornado Relief Effort Facebook Page.

It was Raegan’s display on natural disasters that narrowly escaped damage when the tornado hurled a board from a nearby building through the metal wall of the 4-H building and into the display area right above her poster.

“I know all about the strength of tornadoes and so glad there was no deaths or serious injuries. I prayed when the storm hit and God answered my prayer. If it touched down one block south of where it hit I don’t believe me or my family and 4-H friends or parents would be here today. There would be no way to survive in campers. I know from experience now how tornadoes can come with no warning and no sirens sounded,” she says.

Trailer to be parked at Fareway

Raegan says a trailer will parked in the Fareway parking lot in Vinton from July 20-27, and will be open from 8 a.m.-6:30 p.m. to accept donations for the tornado victims.

The distribution date is August 5th from noon until 5 p.m. at the US Bank community building in Vinton for tornado victims. Also there will be boxes in Fareway to donate nonperishable items.

“Fareway Manager Dave Kelchen is very nice and is helping me out a lot. I have a flyer listing items but we also need cleaning supplies. Please donate new or gently used items and toys. What does not get distributed will go to the food pantry in Vinton and the clothing to a local charity group or Goodwill to help others. Please feel free to share to help spread the word,” Raegan says.

Raegan Junge is collecting items for storm victims in Vinton.

Raegan Junge is collecting items for storm victims in Vinton.