Teresa Erger and Refit members presented the VGH Foundation’s Robin Martin and Don Eells a $511 check for the Reach Out and Read program at VGH clinics.

For the past couple of years, every child who visited the Virginia Gay Hospital Clinic has left with a book, courtesy of the Reach Out and Read Program, and the donors who make it possible.

The latest organization to donate to the cause was the Refit fitness group led by Teresa Erger.

“Between all four of our clinics, we give out approximately 900 books per year,” says Melissa Macku of VGH. “These are given out during well child visits starting at 2 months of age and ending with their 5-year checkup.

See a story about the VGH program HERE, or the Reach Out and Read web site HERE.

The Refit group now includes several dozen people who gather regularly in Vinton or Independence to exercise to Christian music. Organizer Teresa Erger accepts donations for the classes, which she forwards to local causes. Funds raised in July went toward the Reach Out and Read program. August donations will benefit the Kamryn Roberts family to help with the expenses of his cancer treatment.