If you didn’t grow up in Vinton, you have no idea what that headline is talking about.

If you grew up in Vinton and saw this picture, you know exactly what I’m talking about!

A picture of ONE of the surviving “Space Capsules” or “Rocket” as I called them, formerly owned by Jim Bussler and Leon Swenker now owned by Steve Cronk

There are so many pieces of your past that you forget. Especially as you grow older. But once in a while, someone will post a picture and it takes you right back to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade.

Way back, in the day when playground equipment was made from metal that you could freeze your tongue to in the winter time, we had these little guys standing on the corner.

Inside stood a “patrol” to help children cross the street before and after school.

Just thinking about it makes me chuckle.

I was able to cross 4 other streets all by myself, but there was something extra special about the street surrounding the school. THAT street required a little kid with a safety vest to help me cross.

There were also little “ticket books” given to the patrols so that they could rat out the people that didn’t stop at the stop sign as well. I’m not sure it really mattered if someone was reported…but it gave the kids a thrill to get someone else in trouble for a change and adults at that!

The general consensus is that these capsules stood on the corners from around 1959 through at least 1975.

I have no idea whose brainchild they were, but they were a hit!

One of our readers believes that the rockets were made by the area Hawk Bilt company owned by Keith Elwick.

There is one other known rocket left. It is located in Garrison at the office of Larry Johnson,¬† (If I knew the names of the roads I’d give you an¬†address! It’s located outside an old elevator building on the east side of the road that runs into town.)

I know inquiring minds will want to know, are there more of these rockets still around?

If there are, feel free to send us a picture at vintontoday@hotmail.com