Samantha Frost, PA-C

Virginia Gay Hospital and Clinics newest Physician Assistant, Samantha Frost, knows a lot about small town living. She grew up in Gilbertville, Iowa, where her dad runs the Gilbertville Locker. Many years ago Samantha’s mother worked as a lab tech in Vinton, but that was about her only experience with the community before her rotation.

“I wanted to practice in a small town because I’m a very family-oriented person,” explains Samantha. “I want to help people grow and live good lives in the company of their families and friends, which is often easier to accomplish in a small town.”

With an undergraduate degree from Mt. Mercy College in Cedar Rapids, Samantha continued her schooling, getting a master’s degree in anatomy. Realizing she wanted to do something related to science led her to apply to the Physician Assistant program at Des Moines University.

“The hardest decision,” Samantha says, “was during my rotational year when it was time to decide what kind of practice to pursue after my PA education. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that I didn’t like surgery, but I did like caring for kids, in part because they present so many challenges. It was realizing that I liked variety and challenges, along with the chance to work with pediatric patients that led me into family practice as a PA-C.”

Samantha learned about Virginia Gay through a rotation with Dr. Meeker. “I liked the small town feel and I enjoyed working and learning here. Dr. Meeker,” explains Samantha, “provides an excellent balance between the freedom to gain experience and the close supervision needed to learn. I also have to say that the nursing staff was another reason Virginia Gay made a great impression. All of them were very supportive and helped me however they could whenever they could.”

Samantha currently lives in Cedar Rapids where her fiancé lives as well. She enjoys running and describes herself as an avid Pinterest cooking fan, two hobbies that she sometimes finds in conflict with one another.

Samantha will be working for the next six months in the Vinton Clinic. With all the changes contemplated for Virginia Gay and healthcare in general, she’s not sure which clinic she’ll be working at after that.

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