A concerned Vinton parent has raised an issue that several Vinton-Shellsburg bus drivers have already reported: A few drivers, particularly within Vinton city limits, are not heeding the stop signs on school busses.

“Unfortunately, we have had complaints from our bus driver stating that drivers are not stopping as legally required for our bus as we pick up students,” says Superintendent Mary Jo Hainstock. “I would remind all drivers that it is illegal to pass a bus with its stop arm out and flashing red lights on. Some of our riders take longer to load or unload the bus because of wheelchair or other special needs. Bus drivers can submit vehicle license plate numbers and citations can be issued to drivers. I would note that the vast majority of drivers obey the law. Unfortunately, it just takes one to create unsafe situations for everyone.”

Adriane Gordon lives near East Third Street in Vinton, and says that twice in recent months she has seen drivers “blow by” a bus with an extended stop sign.

“I was buckling my child into his seat at the time so we weren’t in danger this time, but next time it could be someone else’s child” says Gordon. My son’s bus driver said we’re not the only ones, it happens all over town. Sadly, the main busses that run in town are those for special needs children who are so excited for school and playing that they may not understand the need for waiting for cars to stop.”

Kadyn’s Law, signed in 2012, strengthens penalties for drivers who violate Iowa’s traffic laws concerning school bus signs. That law is named in memory of Kadyn Halverson, who was killed when hit by a driver who failed to heed a school bus stop sign in Northwood in 2011.

See an illustrated guide to stopping rules on the Iowa DOT page HERE.