Jake Dudley is among the Scouts who have made a cake for tomorrow’s First Annual Pack 47 auction.

Along with the many thing Cub Scouts are famous for for — Pinewood Derby, Scouting for Food, popcorn sales, working with veterans on patriotism — the Pack 47 Cub Scouts are hoping to start a new tradition this year.

The first-ever and first annual Pack 47 Cake Auction is set for Saturday, Nov. 11, at the Vinton fire station.

Along with a contest for the Scouts, there will also be an open event for anyone. The  Scout and Open Class cakes that raise the most from the auction will earn their makers $20 in Palace Bucks.

Event details:

Cake Turn In: 10:30 – 10:55 AM

Open House (open to public): 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Auction Begins: 12:00 PM

Public Open Class – Cake Auction Rules (no exceptions):

1. Any age can enter a cake!

2. Ideas and execution must be the Entree’s.

3. Entree must bake and decorate their cake.

4. No Store bought cakes, please. Cake mixes and readymade frosting, however, can be used to make your cake.

5. The ENTIRE cake must be edible – including ALL decorations. (Hint: you may use anything edible such as candy, cookies, Twinkies, fruits, etc…) The cake will be disqualified if anything NON-EDIBLE is used.

6. Entree will need to have nutrition and ingredients with cake. It is fine to have a picture of the nutrition & ingredients from cake box but it should include all edible ingredients.

7. Cakes must come in a container or on foil cardboard that doesn’t need to be returned. The cakes are going to be auctioned.

8. All cakes must be registered by 10:50 AM.

Cub Scouts Cakes will be open to the public between 11:00-11:55 AM to judge on design.

The Cub Scout and Open Class that raises the most in the auction will be awarded $20 Palace Bucks.

Public Welcome! Invite your friends and family to check out your cake.

All Proceeds from the Auction will go to benefit the boys in the Scouting Program.

For more information, please contact Mari Sue Schminke, phone: 319-721-2770, email: msschminke@gmail.com or Josh Geiger, phone: 319-440-5628, email: Joshua.geiger@ymail.com.