Shellsburg teacher Jane Stolen with principal Ryan Davis.

Shellsburg Early Childhood Special Education Teacher Jane Stolen has recently received two unique awards.

First, she was one of honorees at the 2018  Building Bridges Assistive Technology Conference, where the Grand Wood AEI honored Ms. Stolen for her exceptional knowledge and use of assistive technology in the classroom.

Later, KHAK named her its Teacher of the Week.

About the awards:

Assistive Technology

The 2018 Building Bridges Assistive Technology conference was held on April 19, 2018, at Grant Wood Area Education Agency. Over 215 educators were present and enjoyed a full day of learning related to the consideration and integration of Assistive Technology in support of diverse student needs. Each year at the conference recognition is given to outstanding educators from across the GWAEA area who have demonstrated exceptional knowledge and use of assistive technology with students in the classroom.

The description of Ms. Stolen includes the following:

” Jane Stolen, along with her paraprofessional, are an exceptional combination. Together they care deeply about the students they serve and seek to empower their students by giving them each a voice.  When entering the Shellsburg ECSE classroom, you will observe a variety of communication supports and language systems being used in order to help the various students reach their individual  goals. Jane eagerly takes ideas and recommendations from other team members and incorporates them into everyday activities. Jane is also good at problem-solving and always have ideas of what to try next in order to keep their students moving forward.Most importantly, Jane is fully engaged in her students’ learning and play. She is a positive light in the lives of her students, motivating them to want to actively engage and communicate with others around them. In the Vinton-Shellsburg school district, all staff members are charged to be ‘Difference Makers.’ Jane is definitely making a difference in the lives of her students every day.”

And at KHAK, the Cedar Rapids radio station, Jane was named this week’s Teacher of the Week on May 11.

 Jane was nominated by Adriane Gordon and this is her entry:

“Miss Jane is the 3-year-old ECSE teacher. My son started in her classroom October of 2016. When he was welcomed into her classroom, he was shy, a bit delayed, and had concerns of Autism. Since he’s been under Jane’s care, he has blossomed into a fun, social, little boy. He has started reaching goals of some of his “gen ed” peers and there are no longer concerns of possible Autism. Ask any parent in the Vinton-Shellsburg district that has had a child in the 3-year-old program and they will all praise Jane. She recently was named one of the Outstanding Assistive Technology Educator award winners from the GWAEA. As a parent of 3, I can say Jane has by far been the best teacher a parent of a special needs child can ask for. WHEN SOMEONE SAYS IT TAKES A BIG HEART TO SHAPE LITTLE MINDS, THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT JANE STOLEN. She truly has the biggest heart for her littles.”

“Jane is a fantastic teacher and is very deserving of both,” says Shellsburg Principal Ryan Davis.