If there’s one thing that makes me angry fast, it’s when someone tells me that the police are bad.

I don’t want to hear it.

I have no time for it.

This weekend, our little town sent our area police/sheriffs/state patrol departments into the home of a guy that welcomed them with gunfire.

These are the same guys and gals that you call when you’re in an accident.

They are the ones that notified our family when an uncle was killed in a car/bike accident. They are also the ones that have the morbid task of taking care of and cleaning up sites like this.

They are the ones that called when my dad’s semi turned over.

They are the ones that we called when my parents house caught on fire, although it didn’t require police, they responded making sure everyone was out.

They are the ones I called when I was 9 months pregnant and literally bleeding to death. They are the ones that stayed with my children until someone arrived to care for them while I was rushed to the hospital. They are also the ones that checked to see how mom and the new baby were weeks later.

They are the ones that we called when my dad was ill and needed help.

They are the ones we called when our daughter went missing and was found unconscious in a park in a foot of snow.

They are the ones the community calls when our world is upside down.

They are also the ones that pull you over when you’re speeding down the highway, trying to save your neck, by doing that part of their job that we find annoying.

They are the ones that sign up for a thankless job, and spend many sleepless nights reliving what they dealt with that day.

These are the guys and gals that you want on your side.

They are also the ones that house and take care of the criminals, that they took off the streets.

Every time our town has an incident like this, I fall in love with our uniforms all over again.

Most of the year I hear bashing about how they don’t do whatever it is that someone thinks they should do.

I don’t have time for that.

There’s an easy solution.

Sign up to be in uniform.

Take the training.

Put your life on the line.

Then call me and we’ll discuss it next year.

In the meantime, let’s take a minute to thank our Vinton Police Department, Benton County Sheriff’s Department and the Iowa State Patrol.  Thank you for all the tasks that you do every day that no one knows about. Thank you for the jobs that you do protecting the rest of us. You are indeed the best of the best.