Thank you to all the Lifesavers in our community! You really make a difference.

Virginia Gay Hospital partners with LifeServe Blood Center to organize community blood drives. Every two seconds, someone, somewhere needs blood so the donors who take time to roll up their sleeve and participate truly are lifesavers.

Thanks to those who donated at Virginia Gay Hospital, 112 units of blood were collected in 2016 saving as many as 336 lives!

If you would like to participate in the next blood drive scheduled an appointment for Tuesday, January 24 from 1-5:30 pm. It will be in the cafeteria area located on the lower level of the hospital (502 N. 9th Avenue, Vinton). Schedule your time at or call LifeServe Blood Center at 800.287.4903.

Who can give blood?

You may be eligible to donate if you are in general good health and:

  • Are 16 years of age or older (16/17 with parental consent).
  • Weigh at least 120 pounds.
  • Have allowed proper time period to pass between previous donations.
  • Have blood pressure, pulse, temperature & hemoglobin levels that meet LifeServe Blood Center guidelines.
  • Are not pregnant.
  • Are not taking antibiotics for an infection.

Virginia Gay Hospital, Clinics, Home Health, Nursing & Rehab sponsors community blood drives about six times each year. For blood donation questions & answers, please visit and search blood donation or call LifeServe Blood Centers at 800-287-4903.