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Suppose the only local news you could get came out a couple times a week.

Suppose that to get this news you needed to pay for it.

Suppose you wanted to share a story.

Suppose you needed scissors, a stamp and an envelope to do that.

Suppose you lost a loved one and need to get word out before the funeral.

Suppose your family is trying to decide how to represent their loved one in an obituary with few words because it costs so much.

Suppose you want to have a garage sale but don’t want to pay for an ad.

Suppose you need to get word out to the whole town about an event.

Suppose you forgot to send it in time to be printed.

Suppose the kids did something great at college and you want to brag, just a little.

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Turn back the clock and remember how it was in the old days.

Suppose Vinton Today weren’t here.

Let that sink in for just a little while.

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